Washer Web Necklace and Brass Triangle Hair Clip

So I have made a lot of jewelry but I have failed to build up my own jewelry collection with my creations. So I decided to start with this necklace and hair clip.

For the necklace I dug up some old washers from my tool box and spay painted them black with speckles of gold. After lacquering and drying, I started assembling my "web" with some antique finish brass chain. I had sketched out a design months ago so I had an idea of what I wanted but it was pretty much a guessing game as far as how long to have each piece of chain be. I didn't check the clock before I started but I think it took me like 1-1/2 hours to assemble. I am really excited to wear this one out. It reminds of something like a glamorous pirate!

For the hair clip...it was originally going to be something totally different but I did not like how it was looking.  I had cut and sanded four brass triangles and then used a metal glue to attach them to each other. It was supposed to be a dangly hair clip, but since that didn't look the way I would have liked I slightly rounded the whole piece and added felt and an alligator clip to the back. I will post pics when I sport these awesome pieces!! :D

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