Final Days of Summer Sale at b. (a resale shop)

What?! A 30% off End of Summer Sale at the BEST used clothing store in Minneapolis? Yes Please!! 


New July Jewelry available at b.(a resale shop)!

I totally adore this summer collection made exclusively for b. (a resale shop) ! Each piece is made with recycled metal, beads or elements rescued from old jewelry. Each piece is lovingly made and one of a kind!


Exotic Bohemian

Finding a distinct style for my jewelry has been difficult for me, as so many things inspire me. Nervous that my creations were losing a consistent look, I challenged myself to create a style that incorporated my favorite colors, shapes and designs while maintaining an overall theme. Recycled metal is something I specialize in, especially brass and elements from old pieces of jewelry and various vintage materials. Recognizing this in my artwork and jewelry is key in developing a theme.

I love Moroccan style. It has an exotic flair that is warm, relaxed and sultry. I love the ornate patterns that are common in its design, as well as its vibrant colors. Wonderful jewel tones mixed with metallic accents are an instant attraction for me. Besides Moroccan design, I have always been fascinated by mysterious traveling circuses. Gypsies and fortunetellers, trapeze artists and cabaret dancers all have an impact on my work. It is what these bohemians would wear that I want to pursue… as well as what I would wear.

Hopefully my usual tendencies of straying off course won’t happen because I feel that if I am creating each piece into something that I love and would be proud to wear, that I will feed my passion to create beautiful unique jewelry that is bold yet whimsical with my own personal touch. I am not only excited to be clarifying my style, but to also be announcing a new look for the Objects and Subjects Etsy page. It will be a look that reflects the exotic bohemian style of my jewelry, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!


June - New Jewelry!

I have made some new piece of jewelry perfect for summer! I wanted to make pieces that make a statement but not over the top. Long earrings, a few industrial piece and jewelry with pops of summertime colors are available at http://www.etsy.com/shop/objectsandsubjects.


New jewelry available at b. (a resale shop)

If you are in the Minneapolis area and you have not checked out b. (a resale shop) then you need to get over there and check out this great local shop! And they have been voted best used clothing store in Minneapolis in the Citypages Best Of issue! If you become a fan of their facebook page you will be of the first to know when they get new goods in. So check them out, and while you are there don't forget to take a look at what Objects and Subjects has available for sale. :)