Pioneer Square Art Walk

Art is everywhere in Seattle. It seems that at the beginning of every month, each day occupies an Art Walk in a different neighborhood. The Pioneer Square Art Walk is the first Thursday, and this one is the best in my opinion. Be sure to check out all the Art Walks Seattle has to offer.

Last Thursday I went with my husband and sister and a couple of friends. The Art Walk is from 6-8pm and we got down to Pioneer Square at around 7:45pm, so most of the Galleries were getting ready to close. Thats when we started to head over to the amazing 619 WesternMore than one hundred artists work from studios in this six story building. 619 Western is one of the largest artist studio buildings on the west coast if not the world. It has been a workspace for artists since 1979. This space is truly inspiring. All sorts of mediums and all sorts of people. 

Hand knitted tree sweaters.

Entering the hallway on the top floor that leads you to the studios.

Stairwell graffiti.

Looking up the stairwell that takes you to the studios.

I collected some business cards of artists that stood out to me and I going to go through them and share with you what I thought was great about them and their work.

One photographer was Richard Gilbert. His current project was the Junk Drawer Project. "My hope for this project is that capturing these drawers on film -- the junk we choose to keep, in its own special place -- will help us to celebrate the ordinary, and preserve the ephemeral, of our lives." 

The next business card that I am holding is probably one of the finest letterpress cards I have seen. Thick high quality paper, the design is simple yet it makes a statement. This is the card of Constellation & Co. They specialize in design, letterpress, & handmade ephemera. Their studio was small and cozy and contained some antique letter presses and other printing equipment. The smell of the oil based print ink was in the air as fresh prints were drying. Sara & Brad McNally is the husband and wife team behind Constellation & Co. and they are such friendly people, it is obvious they put great care into their work.

One of my favorite stops at the 619 was at the studio of Chris Sheridan. Such amazing paintings! "The Sacrifice of the King" was the first painting I looked at and I am truly inspired by his work.  Another favorite was "She takes Him to the river- to bring in the spring". I love his colors and brush strokes and his subject matter and like looking into his dreams. 

Efflux Creations was another studio that excels in multiple mediums. The studio had a collection of art-based apparel that was unique and beautiful. But the website had more to look at. I love the photography that plays with different light sources in a truly creative way and the mixed media work is something to admire.

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