Upcycled Chandeliers

I am moving to a new home at the end of the month, and our new home will have a covered back deck. I want to make an upcycled chandelier for the deck area so I am starting to do some research on what I can make. I have seen light fixtures made from old glass bottles but I would light to make something unique and beautiful.

I love the look of this one from Readymade but I do not 
have a bunch of burned out bulbs lying around.

I have seen a lot of Mason Jar Chandeliers online and I absolutely love them! I already have a few jars and I almost always see them at the thrift store, plus its garage sale season so I am sure I could find more if not other things that could go along with the Mason jars.

This beautiful Chandelier is from BootsNGus and I really like how they put a light coat of paint on some
of the jars to add a splash of color.  They have a great selection in their Etsy shop so check it out!

This one is made by Russ Morgan and it is absolutely beautiful. I love the color created 
from the light shining through the tumbled glass. This one may be a bit out of my league! 
But definitely check Russ's website to see all his other creations. 

This gorgeous Umbrella Chandelier is from Rock and Royal
 It is made with high quality glass and crystal. 

I am not looking to make a glass and crystal chandelier like the one from Rock and Royal 
but I really like the idea of upcycling an old umbrella and possibly stringing some garden lights along the wire frame. I think I am going to explore this and the Mason Jar ideas.
Let me know if you have any suggestions!!

How to make your own Mason Jar Chandelier
recipe by Design Sponge

what you’ll need:

-vintage mason jars
-hanging lamp kit with low wattage bulbs (try your local lighting store, home depot or lowes, or Ikea)
-ceiling light plate

1. punch holes in each mason jar lid, large enough to fit the light bulb cords through (appx. 1 inch). as always, be safe and use gloves and a steady hand when punching holes. to punch the hole you can use either a hammer and nails (which you’ll need to then widen for the cords) or a larger tool that you can tap through.
2. unscrew the lid, insert the bulbs into each jar, feeding the cord through the holes in the lid. whitney suggests using a lamp kit that includes tension clasps to keep the bulb from sliding.
3. tighten the lid back on the jar and adjust the bulb to its desired height (using the tension clasps).
4. using a store-bought ceiling light plate- drill holes into the plate to pull all of your cords through (depending on how many jar-lights you will be hanging). pull the lights through, allowing enough cord to hang the lights at your desired height, and then tie a knot at the top to keep them from falling back through the ceiling plate.
5. contact your local electrician to install the lights into your ceiling- we do not suggest trying to install these yourself unless you’re a trained electrician.

How to make a Recycled light Bulb Chandelier
Recipe by ReadyMade

  • Salvaged baby crib cot or bike wheel (without tire)
  • Burned-out bulbs
  • Twine or rope
  • Superglue
  • Stainless steel chain
  • 4 S-hooks (sturdy, for hanging chandelier from ceiling)
  • Lots of movies (to watch while you tie all the bulbs on)
  • Light kit, optional


1. Gather your materials, making sure that the cot or wheel has a wire cross grid to tie bulbs to.

2. Tie different lengths of twine or sturdy rope to bulbs tightly around the circular part of the base of the bulb. Add a small ring of superglue around the rope and the metal base for some extra security.

3. Prop the corners of your cot or wheel on chairs or sawhorses so that the wire cross grid is elevated, open, and accessible.

4. Tie bulbs to cot or wheel at different lengths using double knots and spacing them as desired. Ensure all knots are strong, and then trim the extra strings. Add equal lengths of chain to each corner of cot or wheel.

5. Attach sturdy S-hooks to the ceiling, then loop the chains over hooks to hang chandelier.

6. If you want some functioning light, you can add a basic simple white light kit (like a $5 one from IKEA). Hang the light from the chandelier and discreetly run the cord to power.

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