The Next Step for Objects and Subjects: Creating retail displays and tags

I had a lot of fun picking out saucers and small dishes at the thrift store to create these tiered displays. All you need are some candlesticks holders, small dishes and a good glue or epoxy.

Objects and Subjects Earring Cards

Sample Earring Card

I found this shutter at the thrift store for $2 and it is a perfect way to display jewelry!

Creative Seasoning Bottles

I was getting bored with my spinning seasoning rack and decided it was time to change it up. I thought it would be neat to get a bunch of vintage glass bottles or jars to showcase my spices but then I remembered Ax-Man, a surplus store in St. Paul, MN. They always carry a variety of different types of glass bottles. I bought two different kinds, some that appear to be from some science lab and feature mL measurements and some old ink bottles. They also had bins of different sizes of corks and unfortunately at the time they did not have ones that perfectly fit these bottles so I had to sand them down a bit.

I still want to figure out a cute way to better labels these but for now I simply wrote on some small pieces of white tape. I also want to get a something old that will hold display spices. But for now this cute bottles look great sitting on my counter top!