Cake Truffles

I have made cake pops a few times and I think they are really cute and fun to make. I wanted to make some and realized I forgot to get the cake pop sticks, so I decided to make them like gourmet chocolate truffles. Super easy and delicious.

Here is what I made. I bought the little gold foil cupcake papers at the grocery store and they were the perfect size! Plus they add a little bit of elegance!
I used chocolate cake and chocolate fudge frosting and these are the flavors I made with that: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Coconut, Double Chocolate, Tuxedo, and Chocolate Walnut.
Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Double Chocolate
Chocolate and Coconut
Chocolate and Toasted Walnut

For the filings I used one of my round decorating tips to create a well in the cake balls. I then put some creamy honey peanut butter, coconut flavored cream, and vanilla frosting in small ziplock bags and cut a small bit off one of the corners and piped the fillings into the cake balls.

Then all you need is some melting chocolate to dip the cake balls in and then decorate how you like, the possibilities are endless!

I made these cake pops a while ago and I loved decorating them! Having them on a stick made it easy to decorate because I could hold them and turn them, but I had to make a holder for them so the chocolate would set (I didn't have any Styrofoam as that probably would have worked best) and my little set up was not ideal and the pops kept wanting to lean and touch each other.

If you are ready to make some Cake Pops or Cake Truffles for your next party, shower or wedding here are some how-to instructions from Instructables. Have fun!

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