Yard Sale - Purchases from an artist

My friend and I decided to spent last Saturday checking out local yard sales and estate sales. While driving to one, we drove past what looked like a sidewalk sale. There were some huge pieces of art as well as a couple of tables with books and antiques. We stopped and looked at what we saw and then over heard the owner of the home invite someone to take a look inside. We were intrigued and asked if we could check what was inside as well. "Everything is for sale" he told us, and we headed inside. What we saw when we walked in the house was nothing short of amazing to anyone who appreciates art. Every room was literally overflowing with original art and art supplies. We didn't know where to begin! It is difficult for me to describe how simply awesome this home/art studio was! We could have spent days just looking through one level of the house! Who was this guy! His name is Joe Reno, a well known local artist. He said he needed to sell things to make room and everything was negotiable. It was a little overwhelming so we will have to go back again, not only to see what other treasures we can find but also to take him up on his offer for painting and block printing classes. I love Seattle! :)

Here were my finds from that day:

Original egg tempera painting by Pablo Silva circa 1940's

Vintage Mother Goose storybook.

Antique Croquet Set

Cherub Birdbath

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